ENERGY STAR Heat Pump Water Heater

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Heat pump water heaters are also commonly referred to as Hybrid Electric Water Heaters. Different name - same ultra-efficient performance! Just look for the ENERGY STAR label.

See how hybrid heat pump water heaters work and how ENERGY STAR certified models can help you save on your utility bills! Watch "ENERGY STAR Water Heaters Mean BIG Savings!"

Consider an ENERGY STAR certified Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) for your next water heater purchase and enjoy big savings, a smart investment and a product that protects the environment.

  1. Discounts are available for Oncor residential customers.
  2. Homes must have Oncor as their electric delivery provider.
  3. Homeowners and renters (who have permission from the owner) may participate.
  4. Limit 1 Heat Pump Water Heater coupon per address/ESIID (account number) every 13 years.
  5. Model must be ENERGY STAR certified.
  6. Selection is limited. Please see list of qualified products to find an eligible model.